Ican’t believe I’m sharing this story out loud. But I feel like I’d be doing every girl that ever muttered the word self-care a disservice if I keep this to myself. Tonight I tried something for the first time ever. I had already marked off on my calendar (I’m one of those people) that tonight from exactly 8-9:30 I was going to have “self-care” time. After all, if you don’t put it on your calendar, you won’t make time for it right?

Self-Care. What exactly does that even mean or look like? I’m not entirely sure but nevertheless, I thought it may be nice for myself so I got home from work, fed myself and drew up a nice, hot bath. This wasn’t just some normal bath, though. I gave this relaxation time and an extra dose of special attention tonight. I pulled out the Epsom salt and candles like I was expecting some smoking hot man to join me. It was like a date night though, but with myself.

I took a little hit of the new blend I picked up at a local dispensary in San Diego via vaporizer and the experience that followed I knew needed to be documented.
Melting. That’s a term that I would like to use to describe what it’s like to take a lifted bath. You can quite literally feel the stress melt off your body.

I’ve never been crazy confident in my naked skin, but there is something about cannabis that I believe, taps you into this space that turns off the self-judgment. That negative self-talk you brought in just giggles its way out the door on the corners of a weird smile slapped on your overly satisfied face. Life is good. Everything is as it should be. You, in your little bathtub, in the cute house on Kansas.

All those titles put on you during the day, they have no place here because not one of those titles is the truest thing about you. There is nothing that could penetrate that moment of pure and glorious S P A C E.

Cell phone off. No one else around.  Honestly, I didn’t even have any music playing, which is rare. It was just me, comfortably watching my thoughts come and go.
At one point I even thought to myself, “What if they’re right!? What if marijuana really is the devil’s lettuce and I just somehow overdose die and they find me in the bathtub.” Then I laughed to myself and thought, “Well, I sure hope they know I died of complete, utter happiness.”

Maybe this is a weird, somewhat odd thing to post. I don’t care though because, for me, I’m really kinda proud of myself. For the first time in a LONG time, I actually took care of myself intentionally.

Ladies, I know you’re tough and capable and doing really awesome things, but listen, it’s okay to slow down and take a moment to take care of yourself. I have been notoriously bad at this, but lately, I’ve been making more time for it in my life because it is life-giving and allows me to show up in life with a little more compassion, patience and happiness.

This is one of the things that cannabis helps me with. It helps me slow down long enough to pay attention to the blessings I’m given, the uniqueness of each season I’m in and the how easy it is to do something so small as take a nice bath after a long day to really show yourself some love.

Don’t end the day only thinking about all the things you have still to do, but applaud yourself for being the freaking badass you are and even if you only accomplished one thing off your huge to-do list, that’s something to celebrate.

What does your self-care ritual look like? Is cannabis a part of it?  Tell me in the comments.


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